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Non-GMO Requirements

Our elevator currently accepts only non-GMO grain with a premium.  Customers must sign a non-GMO agreement before delivering any grain, and must provide the necessary documentation to support that your grain is in fact, certified non-GMO. 

These documents include:

  • Seed receipts – proving you purchased the seed with intent to plant it

  • A letter from the seed manufacturer stating the variety you purchased is certified non-GMO.  If this is not available, a seed purity test must be performed.  VTF is able to perform this test for a customer at a cost.

  • Maps with the date and variety planted in each field

  • Records of any and all fertilizer and chemical applications

  • Tillage programs

  • Fuel use

  • Current soil tests

If you have any certified non-GMO grain in your bins, in your field, or in your plans for the future, give us a call.

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