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VanTilburg Farms


Our Farming Practices

At VanTilburg Farms, we farm for the future. We know the choices we make on our farm today, effect the health of our soil tomorrow. For us, being sustainable is no longer enough. In addition to conserving our natural resources and using them responsibly, our focus has broadened over the last 15 years to include regenerative farming practices that not only sustain, but improve the health of our ecosystem.

Our Story

The VanTilburg Family has been farming in Celina, Ohio for more than 100 years. Matt, Kyle and Luke VanTilburg, the 4th generation, have owned and operated VanTilburg Farms, Inc. since 2010 and have expanded the family business to also include VTF Excavation and partnerships in VTF Sunrise and MVP Dairy.

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Our Community

We are passionate about investing back into our community and the transformative power of education. Starting with our team, we aim to brighten lives, foster community growth, and support future leaders in agriculture through sponsorships, scholarships and donations.

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