Two fourth-generation farm families are partnering to build a new, state-of-the-art dairy in Mercer County, Ohio that will produce milk to meet demand for Dannon dairy products.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Who are the families that are partnering to build the new, state-of-the-art dairy?

McCarty Family Farms and VanTilburg Farms have formed MVP Dairy, LLC (A

McCarty-VanTilburg Partnership). This will be the fifth McCarty Family Farms’

dairy, but first in Ohio. The VanTilburgs are lifelong residents of Celina, Ohio

with a vested interest in responsible and sustainable production agriculture

close to home. The family lives and works adjacent to the new farm site.


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2. What will the dairy entail?

The new dairy will house approximately 4,500 cows in 6 barns. The cows will

be milked in a state-of-the-art carousel milking parlor.


3. Where will the dairy be located?

Sited in northern Mercer County, on 82 acres adjacent to Hasis Rd and the

south side of U.S. Route 33. This location is outside of the Grand Lake St.

Marys watershed, and in the St. Marys River watershed.


4. When will the dairy be operational?

Construction will begin in summer of 2017, with the goal of having the

dairy operational in early spring of 2018.


5. How will the dairy be designed to be responsible regarding environmental stewardship?

An innovative and patented anaerobic treatment cell system on the farm

significantly reduces waste solids, consumption of water and waste odor, with

a recycling system beneficial for animals, crop care and the environment. The

core of this system is a proven technology used by many municipalities

throughout the United States, including eight Mercer County municipalities.


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MVP Dairy and VTF work with EcoPractices to continually measure and improve our environmental stewardship.  

Check out the most recent reports:

2017 Eco Practices Report

2018 Eco Practices Report

6. What will the impact of the dairy be on the local economy?

It is expected that 35 new jobs will be created, stimulating the local economy.  Additionally, a visitor’s center is planned for the dairy, adding an agritourism component to the farm, where groups can be hosted while serving as an educational resource for the community.

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7. What will the impact of the dairy local roads and traffic?

We understand concerns associated with increased dairy-related traffic on local roads, and are committed to operating our dairy with minimal impact.  The new dairy will be sited adjacent to U.S. Route 33 and State Route 197, only using a 150-yard portion of one township road to access the farm.


We expect the impact of farm-related traffic to be minimal and nearly unnoticeable.  According to 2014 Ohio Department of Transportation statistics, vehicle traffic to and from the diary, is expected to increase traffic by about 1.6 percent (100 vehicles) per day in this area.



8. How will the dairy care for the cows?

The dairy will include a rotary-style parlor, which benefits the health and well-being of the cows by providing a predictable and efficient milking routine that allows them more time to eat, drink, sleep and interact with other cows. They will be monitored daily and provided routine health screenings and veterinary attention as needed.


McCarty Family Farms have each been certified by Validus, an independent firm with the most

stringent requirements for socially responsible, scientifically based, economically viable long-term solutions for dairy animal care. In addition, all employees at each McCarty dairy are regularly trained, and some are certified in the Beef Quality Assurance program.


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Caring for consumers


The McCartys and VanTilburgs strive to produce high quality and fresh milk. The farm is being built specifically to supply milk for growing consumer demand for Dannon’s dairy products. Plans include a visitors’ center that will be open to the public where visitors can learn about the dairy and milk production.



Caring for community


“Our success is dependent on these communities, and when they grow and prosper, so do we.” ~ Clay McCarty


The McCarty family and the VanTilburgs came together as partners in this endeavor because of their shared vision of creating sustainable agriculture operations that have positive social, economic, and environmental impacts on the communities in which they live and operate. Together, they’re building an innovative, efficient, and environmentally friendly operation the community will be proud to call their neighbor.